How we work

Everything from Lead Research, Lead Enrichment and Sales Development.

  • Lead Research

    Keep your pipeline fully stocked with a flow of high-quality leads from your leadware team. Daily communication with your team ensures iterative quality improvements of your leads.

  • Lead Enrichment

    We keep your leads up-to-date and accurate. We enrich your leads with social accounts, predictive data, online activities and sales intelligence.

  • Sales Development

    Your leadware SDR’s qualify your customers and set appointments for your sales team.

Lead Generation

  • 1 Interview

    The first step for us is to learn as much about your business, your products and services as we can.

  • 2 Ideal Customer Profile

    We start a conversation with you to look at your current customers and gain insight into what made them select your business over others.

  • 3 Sample Data Record

    Once equipped with your ideal customer profile we start researching your leads and provide you a first sample record.

  • 4 Lead Generation

    Your lead researchers are now ready to generate leads and share them with you on a daily basis. The result is a steady flow of leads for your sales team.

  • 5 Iterative Improvement

    Our lead researchers work around a weekly scrum process. We set goals, review our progress and lead results. Constantly taking your feedback into account to provide iterative improvements to the lead generation process.

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  • Human Powered

    Leadware is powered by humans. We use human judgement and research capabilities to identify the right individuals as prospects and generate leads that meet your sales team's expectations.

  • Data Tools

    We use various data tools to ensure that emails can be delivered, we enrich our human researched datasets with social media details and many more data elements.

  • Communication

    Communication drives success. Daily interaction between your sales and research team is part of our approach and facilitates a true team connection.

  • Email Prospecting

    Often sales agents start their approach with an email outreach. Our sales support team handles the set up, initial email and reporting of this first contact to help your sales team focus on the important customer contacts.

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